What can we do for you

We can test your Alternator, battery and charging system, in general

We can test your Starter Motor and provide fault diagnosis, where applicable

We can check all your lighting systems including, headlights, indicators, stop lights, parking lights, driving lights

We can test central locking, powered windows or powered sunroof

We can plug in our on-board diagnostic equipment to check out sensor status on your vehicle and read any fault codes

We can check out your Air Conditioning

We can check out a faulty Alarm or Immobiliser

We can obtain a lost or forgotten Car Radio Code

If we have not mentioned a particular fault you may be experiencing, then ring us and we’ll amend our site, accordingly!! What else can you do for me?

We can contact you within a short while and tell you what we have found, discuss the options and provide you with a cost - you can decide which way to proceed after this Can you do anything else for me? Yes, we have stocks of Alternators, Starter Motors, Batteries, Bulbs and hundreds of other components. Parts that we don’t have in stock can be delivered rapidly Oh, and yes, we normally complete sameday